Greg Thomas // Backyard


Dear Chris, Kris and Emily, 

Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my music and past projects. I've really enjoyed looking through Backyard's work and list of incredibly talented directors - I especially love Matthew Thompson's work on the Field Notes spot, and Stuart Douglas's work on "Space Yogurt" (Yogurt cultivated in space is crazy, btw).


I'm a NYC based composer and singer/songwriter specializing in the intersection of cinematic, indie rock, folk and ambient music. I've written music for narrative and documentary short films and for branded content for Starbucks, Giant, The New York Times, The Atlantic, HP and more.


In addition to working on video spots, I've handled soundtrack creation and audio editing for Shine, which was recently featured in the App Store, and have handled audio production, editing and sound design for multiple podcasts through my audio editing service


Below are some audio and video examples of my work. If there is an opportunity to work together, I'd love to talk further. Backyard has done some really beautiful work with some of the best brands out there, and I'd love to be part of your work in the future.



Greg Thomas




Client: Giant Bicycles

Role: Licensing

Client: The New York Times, "The New Seven Wonders of the World"

Role: Original Series Score (8 Videos)

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Client: HP Enterprises / The Atlantic

Role: Licensing (Atmospheres, queued up)

Client: Makeshift

Role: Original Score


More music and videos are available on my homepage.