Greg Thomas // Cinemart


Dear Jenner, Julia, Ben & Michael,


Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my music and past projects. I loved your work on the Kalief Browder docuseries and am really interested in any opportunities to work together.


I'm a NYC based composer and singer/songwriter specializing in the intersection of cinematic, indie rock, folk and ambient music. I've written music for narrative and documentary short films, composed for 360 VR content for the New York Times, and created music for everything from commercials to podcasts and apps.


Below are some audio and video examples of my work that I feel best fit with the style that you work in. If there is an opportunity to work together, whether it be on the Fyre Festival documentary or otherwise, I'd love to talk further. I'd be more than happy to demo a composition for a scene if that's helpful as well.


If nothing else, I'm based in Brooklyn and am always interested in grabbing coffee or drinks with other creatives doing interesting work in the documentary space.


Thanks for your consideration!



Greg Thomas



Client: The New York Times, "The New Seven Wonders of the World"

Role: Original Series Score (8 Videos)

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Client: Makeshift

Role: Original Score


Client: HP Enterprises / The Atlantic

Role: Licensing (Atmospheres, queued up)