Productivity does not require a desk

A lot of people think that productivity means you are sitting in front of a desk for 8 hours cranking out work. I fall into this trap all of the time - thinking that if I am not sitting with an instrument writing, mixing or finding new sounds, that I am not being productive.

Productivity comes in different forms. It's not about the deliverables you create; rather, it's about time spent charging or re-charging your creative tank. For me, the most productive times of my day can be a trip to the gym or a bike ride along the water to inspire me. Or, it could be listening to other composers to light my fire. Watching tutorials is a huge help to re-stoke my creative fire.

The danger comes when things are catalogued as creativity when they are just excuses for procrastination. I do this all the time with gear shopping - for me, it's often very counter-productive, because it makes me think about what I lack instead of inspiring me to work with what I have.

Don't think of productivity simply in terms of the things you produce. Instead, think of it as the things that help you build up your creative reserves. You'll tap into them when you're ready.

Being Creative

As a creative, I spend a big portion of my time working to efficiently release my creativity, fighting self doubt and finding new ways to do my best work. Some of these strategies and reminders are listed below. 

They are by no means my own strategies or advice that I think will change your world - rather, a running list of the things that I have found helpful as I work towards being the best musician I can be. I hope you get something out of it.