Greg Thomas // HDMusic Now


Hi Jody,

Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my work and past placements. I am a big fan of what you have built with HD Music Now and HDMN Prime. I especially love the Johnny Cash vibe on the Old School Singer Songwriter album that you put out. And, as a big Better Call Saul fan, love the promo for season 3 that you worked on.


I know that you live both in the music supervision and the library world, so I wanted to send through a few singer/songwriter and instrumental tracks for your consideration. Most of these tracks currently live in a library, but from the supervision end, are still available for pitching since the exclusivity is limited to licensing directly from a digital platform. If you see any opportunities with my style on the HDMN Prime side, I'd love to talk about an album concept that I could develop for you.


In general, my specialty lies in the intersection between folk, rock, electronic and ambient. But, I have developed some cinematic orchestral tracks as well. I have included one of those below with the other instrumental tracks.


My music has been used by brands like Starbucks, Giant, The New York Times, The Atlantic and HP as well in short narrative and nonfiction films. 


I appreciate you taking the time to listen and look forward to talking further!

Singer Songwriter




Client: Giant Bicycles

Role: Licensing

Client: The Atlantic and HP Enterprise

Role: Licensing

Client: The New York Times

Role: Original Score

Client: Makeshift

Role: Original Score


More examples of my work available on the homepage.