Greg Thomas // LaLeLa


Hi Alan,

Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my work and past placements. I've been really impressed by breadth and quality of the music in the LaLeLa catalog and the list of companies that LaLeLa has worked with the past. I'm not ashamed to say that I have listened to Superheroes 3 more than once..


As requested, I wanted to send through 5 tracks that showcase my style. My expertise is mainly focused in the intersection of singer/songwriter, folk, ambient and electronic. I've also recently put together a number of suspense/adventure orchestral tracks, one of which I have included below. 


My music has been used by brands like Starbucks, Giant, The New York Times, The Atlantic and HP as well in short narrative and nonfiction films. 


I appreciate you taking the time to listen and look forward to talking further!




Client: Giant Bicycles

Role: Licensing

Client: The Atlantic and HP Enterprise

Role: Licensing

Client: The New York Times

Role: Original Score

Client: Makeshift

Role: Original Score


More examples of my work available on the homepage.