Guitar For Trevor MOrris

Hi Trevor,

I appreciate you reaching out to the forum on Facebook, and thanks in advance for listening to a few of my tracks. I'll try to keep this intro brief as I know you have a lot of projects you are working on. Love your work on Vikings and really appreciated the Q&A you did on Perspective a few weeks back.



I'm a New York based composer and singer/songwriter. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and I jump back and forth between electric and acoustic guitar depending on the project. I started as a blues/indie rock guitarist, but moved to more textural and fingerpicking work as I transitioned to singer/songwriter. I've been focused on writing for Film and TV for the past 2 years.


I would describe my style as emotional, raw, and sweet. I also work with an amazing, unique guitar player, Kirk Schoenherr, when he is not on tour with Chet Faker (AKA Nick Murphy). If I am not a good fit, I strongly recommend Kirk.


Below are 3 singer/songwriter tracks and 4 instrumental tracks that showcase my guitar playing. I'm more than happy to send additional cues that showcase my understanding of scoring to picture if needed.

Quick Guide:

  1. Girl Like You: Singer / songwriter. Acoustic and electric guitar. Guitar solo at 2:45 with a really great sound.
  2. The River: Singer / songwriter. Interesting electric guitar around 2 minutes. Guitar solo around 2:15.
  3. It's Only Gone: Singer / songwriter. Electric guitar throughout.
  4. When the Dust Settles: Instrumental. Mostly acoustic with electric throughout.
  5. Family: Instrumental. Mostly acoustic with slide electric throughout.
  6. Sunrise Over the Atlantic: Instrumental. Mostly Acoustic with electric hits on the 'big' sections. Interesting from 4 minutes onwards.

Thanks Trevor! Looking forward to hearing more of your work in the future. Please reach out with any questions.